Everyone Matters at Pennington R – 7

Pennington School R – 7 is a caring, friendly community where staff and parents work together with students to promote educational opportunities for all students.

Staff members get to know students on a personal level and foster respect, self-esteem and belonging. Success is celebrated and acknowledged through special assemblies, awards and performances. Our Year 7 graduation ceremony is a celebration of achievement and friendships involving our whole community.

About Us

Pennington School R-7 is situated in the western suburbs of Adelaide and has been in existence on the present Butler Avenue site since 2015 after an amalgamation of Pennington Primary School and Pennington Junior Primary School.  The school serves five main areas – Pennington, Rosewater, Ottoway, Athol Park and Cheltenham.  The current enrolment is 360 total with a breakdown of 280  mainstream and 80 children who are in the Intensive English Language Centre (IELC).

Enrolments have fluctuated as a result of new housing developments and changing migration policies. Children travel from other suburbs to join the I.E.L.C. and leave the school once their English language skills have been developed to the stage which would allow them to join a mainstream class. Children usually spend one year in a I.E.L.C. program Our newly arrived students are from countries spread across the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.
Approximately 65% of the students are recipients of the School Card.  About 20% of students are of Aboriginal background.

Linking with home

We believe that student learning is enriched by a close partnership between home and school. An Acquaintance evening is held at the beginning of the year to encourage parents to meet their child’s teacher. Written reports are prepared and given to parents in Terms 2 & 4.  Parent/Teacher interviews are held in Terms 1&3 with additional meetings whenever the teacher or parent has a need.

Two- way sharing of information is facilitated by newsletters, diaries, phone calls, letters and Skool Bag. We value the opinions of all members of our school community and use surveys and information sessions as part of our consultation processes.

Developing social skills

Responsible and caring student behaviour is strongly promoted throughout our school.

Our school values are RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY,COURAGE AND PERSISTENCE. Within each class, students work with their teacher to develop a list of class rights and responsibilities. Programs including Play is the Way and Restorative Practice are used to build ongoing effective relationships amongst students. Assembly awards affirm positive behaviour. Student Action Teams have been established to foster a commitment to our core values.

Celebrating Diversity

A structured program of school cultural celebrations and assemblies help our students develop understanding and appreciation of other languages and cultures. Special programs such as the Tree of Life encourage all students to appreciate their own cultural heritage and family backgrounds.

Linking with other agencies

We value and support families in many different ways. In the area of nutrition and promotion of healthy eating habits we link with agencies to impart healthy lifestyle messages. Staff members also work with organisations such as CAMHS and the Australian Refugee Association to help parents access resources appropriate to their situation. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to contact our school counsellor for further information.